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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Soul Mixer Combinations Social Empires 2013

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Hi Guy I can Shared Soul Mixer Combination For Social Empires

Soul Combo's

1.Dragon Rider III + Sun Wizard = Werewolfby Cheat-demons
2.3 Head Primal dragon rider + Attack booster wizard = 3 headed dragon rider 
by Cheat-demons
3.Bull Gladiator + Megahealing Angel = Blade gladiator by Cheat-demons

4.Furious bull dragon rider + Forest Extreme Dragon = Golden Dynasty dragon by Cheat-demons
5.2 headed frostfire dragon rider + dragon rider 3 = Black dragon by Cheat-demons
6.Sun Wizard + Necro Doublesword = 4 Weapon Gladiator by Cheat-demons

7.Sun Wizard + Celestial Archer = Silver Paladin by Cheat-demons
8.Demon Crusher + Egyptian Warrior = Silver Paladin by Cheat-demons
9.Bahamut Draggy + Celestial Draggy = Monster Mole by Cheat-demons
10.Demon Crusher + Giant Viper = Necro Shark Monster by Cheat-demons
11.Demon Crusher + Dragon Rider III + 1 Powerup = Scary Zombie by Cheat-demons
12.Stratos titan+stormy dragon= 3 headed primal draggy by Cheat-demons
13.Willy Wallace + Centaur + 1 Cash= Bull Gladiator by Cheat-demons
14.Catapult + Fire Cannon = Elephant Rider by Cheat-demons

15.Elephant Rider + Draggy = Fire T-Rex by Cheat-demons
16.bull gladiator + medieval golden slayer = limit wizard. by Cheat-demons
17.Forest Extreme + Golden Extreme = Soul Extreme Rider by Cheat-demons
18.Golden Extreme + Sky Bahamut = Forest Extreme by Cheat-demons
19.Galaxy Dragon Rider + Rainbow Dragon Rider = Hell Abyss 
by Cheat-demons

20.Draggy + Draggy = Mummy by Cheat-demons
21.Two head frostfire dragon rider + rainbow dragon = Wind extreme by Cheat-demons
22.Stormy Dragon + Hades = Limit Wizard by 
23.Bull Extreme + Fost Extreme = Soul Extreme Rider by Cheat-demons
24.god zeus + demon crusher = megahealing angel by Cheat-demons
25.Rainbow dragon + Mace gladiator = MGS (medieval golden slayer) by Cheat-demons
25.2 headed dragon rider + black draggy = sky Bahamut draggy by Cheat-demons
26.rainbow dragon + galaxy dragon = bahamut dragon by Cheat-demons

27.soul extreme dragon rider + forest extreme dragon rider = hell abyss dragon by Cheat-demons
28.Rainbow dragon + hell abyss dragon = Golden Extreme Dragon by Cheat-demons
29.rainbow dragon + goldenm extree dragon = wind extreme dragon by Cheat-demons
30.dragon rainbow + dragon galatic rider = Dragon infernal abyss by Cheat-demons
31.Hades+Mad Balrog= Queen Beast by Cheat-demons

32.2 head epic + fire soul eater = vulcano golem by Cheat-demons
32.cyclops+spiky spider=solar draggy by Cheat-demons

33.chariot gladiator+minotaur gladiator=supreme bahamut draggy by Cheat-demons
34.Pyros titan + Hidros titan = MGS by Cheat-demons

35.Pyros titan + Hidros titan = Epic 2-head dragon rider by Cheat-demons
36.Fire Extreme Dragon + Sayan Dragon Rider = 3 Headed Dragon Rider by 

Additional combo's with Galaxy and Rainbow Dragon/Dragon Rider
Info by Cheat-Demons
Galaxy Dragon + Rainbow Dragon (both with or without riders) =


  • Forest/Rider
  • Frost/Rider
  • Soul/Rider
  • Green/Rider
  • Fire/Rider
  • Wind/Rider
  • Bull/Rider
  • Electric/Rider
  • Golden/Rider


  • Golden/Rider
  • Dynasty/Rider
  • Electric Rider


  • Solar Rider
  • Star/Rider
  • Hell Abyss/Rider
  • Holy-Death Rider
  • Primal/Rider
  • 3-Headed Rider
  • Frost-Fire Rider


  • Black/Golden Riders
  • Sky/Rider
  • Pharaoh Rider
  • Paladin Rider


  • Orc Battering Ram
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